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JJ:  Guys are you ready to celebrate Legra’s b-day together?

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YC: Of course I’ll send everyone a text message XD

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Ottugi familly everyone, it’s been a while. Soon, the London Olympics are starting but already the only thought of the many athletes running is making my heart flutter. Among the support for the athletes is the tastiest snack that can’t be left out, right? Light, neat and refreshing; hot and tasty support made along with Kisemyun. Support the Olympics with Kisemyun, Fighting! 

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I just love it ^^~~~ Junsu “angel Xiah”



Kim Junsu’s profile.
The story is not about Junsu appearing in the workroom who had underwent transformation beyond imagination with his hair style. Not only in front of the camera, throughout the entire interview process Kim Junsu clearly and specifically told us what he wanted. He debuted 8 years ago, even though from the beginning until now, he was a celebrity every moment, but now he has changed to where he is no longer hesitant or scared about his choices, so the more mature him, his story now is more candid and more interesting than any other time. He successfully completed the Asia tour with his first solo [[TARANTALLEGRA]] , and before the world tour begins, we met with Kim Junsu.

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Hola!! a todos~~~~




Hola a todos.. hello, annyong!! konnichiwa°° bueno , este es mi blog, heygirl espero que tenga muchos visitantes, escribiré noticias de música coreana, o historias q iré creando para todos.. espero y las lean. ^__^ bienvenidos.

Posdata: me encanta la música coreana. !!!